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"A few of the many happy and well rested families I have had the pleasure of working with"

This young couple struggled with their 7 months old sleep issues since birth. When their son learned to stand up in his crib their struggle snowballed into a stressful sleepless mess. Here's their story.

Instead of forcing what doesn't feel right, do what does. It's about making the right decision and in this mom's case reinforcing what she truly believed in was the right path for her baby, herself and her husband.

"Thank you for talking with us a couple of months ago. I just wanted to give you an update on things here. Luca is now 6 months old and sleeping better. He is still in bed with us, which i've really grown to love, and still wakes a few times through the night to nurse. I have stopped obsessing about it, stopped looking at the clock, or counting how many disturbances, or noting mentally much of anything about the waking patterns, and we both sleep better and are happier this way. I think what has helped for us is that I've been breaking the latch when he starts to comfort suck, and sometimes he roots and climbs around for my breast and I give it back to him (we play this little game) and then I take him off again. He does the final sleep step himself, albeit next to me, but he'll shift around, move his head and go to sleep! Since I've been doing that he's gone from 8 wakings on average to maybe just 2-3. I plan to create a little distance between us next (he sleeps flush against me all night) and see how that goes.

Thank you for supporting the co-sleeping and not pushing me (as so many have) to just CIO. I never would have forgiven myself for going against my instincts, if I went that direction, and I would have missed out on many tender moments!"

Mom to Luca
New York

Mom, Dad, and Grandma: A family effort to help their 10.5 month old

"Deb has been a godsent. We really appreciated the fact that she understands that sleep training is not just about mechanics of teaching the baby how to fall asleep, but also about how the family feels about the process. The reason why sleep training is such a tricky thing is that we are not just emotionless machines with standard and consistent responses, and most books don't handle that side of the equation very well. Deb, on the other hand, started by getting as much information about our situation as possible, and then devising the plan that was definitely built with us in mind. Solid and timely support and encouragement that followed (and I wrote to her about everything and anything that happened the night before) ensured that we stayed on course. She didn't get phased by setbacks (and we had a few of those), but was always a calm, steady and encouraging voice that led us through this very emotionally rocky time. What's more, her advice really helped me develop the feel for what to do for the years to come, when it's ok to give in, and when to stay firm. I'm a much more confident and relaxed parent, thanks to her (not even to mention, better rested!). There is no silver bullet, and no matter how well the training went, there will be vaccinations, teething, developmental milestones that all disrupt sleep. But, thanks to Deb, I know we can handle it and get back to sleeping through the night again, on our own!"


New York, NY

5 Months and a Reflux Challenge

Deb Pedrick and single handedly saved my sanity, my marriage, and most importantly our son. Our little guy had a very tough battle with acid reflux as a newborn and infant. Once we got the reflux under control he still just would not sleep. It was mind boggling to see this baby SO tired but he would. not. sleep. We were left with a wreck of mish-moshed or non-existent naps, almost no night sleep and a constantly over tired 5 month old. Not to mention a deliriously over tired mommy and daddy.

I admit when our pediatrician highly recommended Deb and I was a little skeptical and nervous. I'm not one for computers or email and was hesitant but my husband and I were at our wit's end. What did we have to lose?....Lose? The gain was immeasurable! I never could have imagined the warm, kind and incredibly knowledgeable support we would get from a couple of phone calls and some emails! Working with Deb's customized and detailed (and supportive) plan was not only a help, it was a solution. The very beginning was hard but we stuck with it and thankfully so did Deb. I look back on the questions I asked and feel so silly but she never wavered. Deb always answered every question I had knowingly, supportively and with a plan. And a miracle unfolded before our eyes in about two weeks.

Our son is now 1 year old and is the best sleeper! He has transitioned from three to two naps and goes to bed at 7:30pm and wakes give or take around 7:00am. It's amazing. He is so happy and healthy and is thriving and we credit so very much of this to healthy sleep habits we learned from Deb. And as parents we too are happier. Having "our" time back in the evenings has been priceless as well. The toll those months of sleepless days and nights took was brutal as many of you know.

Deciding to work with Deb and was the greatest gift we could have ever given our family. She has given all of us the foundation for healthy sleep for the rest of our child's life and children to come and furthermore, knowing we can reach out again if we need to is also a great security. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Deb.

Alice and Paul, Hamden CT

The clever little negotiator

“What can I say. I have been talking you up all over Connecticut, accosting moms I hardly know and insisting that they call you immediately. You are my hero, my angel of sleep and I cannot thank you enough! I called you after struggling with my daughter, Ella's late bedtimes and night wakings, a problem that had been going on for about 10 months. I really was at wit's end. My husband and I spent our evenings fighting over what to do about Ella crying and screaming from her room upstairs. She'd usually be asleep by 10 or 11 (horrifying) and might wake up two or three times a night (equally horrifying). Eventually, I just began sleeping with her as it was the only thing that worked. But nothing about this arrangement really worked for anyone in the family.

I started our new routine the very same day that you came to our house and consulted with me. One just the *second* night, she cried for 30 minutes, but was asleep by 8 and slept the whole night through! Hallelujah! My husband and I looked at each other and asked, 'What are we going to do now?' You have restored my sanity, given me back my pleasant and cooperative child and given me more faith in my ability to set limits not just at bedtime but throughout the day. One hour with you, Deb, really has changed the way our family interacts with each other every day. We're all happier now that we're sleeping instead of fighting about not sleeping. My only regret is that I wasn't given your name 9 months earlier!”

Michelle Bowers
Westport, CT
Freelance writer: Entertainment Weekly, Shape, People, Parenting, and Health magazines

Strong Willed Nature

“My husband and I are both attorneys and have had "sleep issues" with our baby boy since he was just a few months old. It seemed illogical to us that he would not sleep when he was tired. We read and followed many reputable books and were extremely frustrated that we could not get him to take regular naps or sleep until a decent hour in the morning. It was not until talking and emailing with Deborah that we learned how to work with our son's strong-willed nature and help him fall into the natural sleep rhythms that come easily to other babies. She has been patient and understanding through many stages of our son's ever-changing sleep phases. We now have regular naps and when we put him to bed for the night, we know we have 11-12 hours of uninterrupted sleeping bliss.”

Chicago, Illinois

Short Napper – 45 minutes on the dot!

“The best gift I received after my baby was born was a consultation with Familysleep. It came at a time when I didn’t think my baby’s sleep habits would ever change – she was a happy baby, but would only nap for 45 minutes (to the minute!) when I knew she needed more rest. In addition, she would only fall asleep after much holding, rocking, and bouncing by myself and my husband. If she woke up during the night, we would proceed with the entire routine all over again. After receiving Deb’s advice, it took me about a week to gain the courage to try it. Within a few days, my baby learned to fall asleep on her own, and now she takes good, restorative (hour plus!) naps. The greatest freedom comes from knowing that I don’t have to put her totally to sleep before I set her down in her crib – and she wakes up happy and rested. Being able to email Deb with subsequent questions was key to being able to implement her advice successfully. I remember having no confidence that any of it would work, so I was surprised when it worked so well and quickly. We are a much happier family for it – thank you!”

Nicole Kimball
Fisheries analyst

16 Month Old Twins and 3.5 Year Old

“We have 16-month-old twin boys and have found some of their sleep issues to be a challenge. We've received advice from Deb several times and it's always worth every penny, even though our budget is very tight.

In fact, it's become a bit of an addiction for me. Any time we are up against a sleep problem, she does a great job walking us through how to fix it. It's so much easier for us and better for the kids than muddling through it on our own.

Recently, our older daughter got her sleep out of whack and we weren't sure what to do about her nap/night schedule so our sweet, well-rested 3 1/2 year old could be returned to us. Deb stayed with us until we got it all sorted out.

Not only have we consulted Deb several times, but I got my best friend a consult for Christmas this year so she could get some help with her new baby and she said it was the best present she got! There's just nothing as valuable as getting a good night's sleep on a regular basis and having a well-rested baby!”

Becca Cunningham – teacher and husband, firefighter
Vancouver, WA

The Little Jack-In-the-Box

“I first called Deb about our 2 1/2 year old. He was getting out of his bed 5 to 6 times a night. I was staying with him till he fell asleep and when he woke up at night; I would get into his TWIN BED with him, disaster. He was still waking up at 5 am to boot. I had a phone conference with Deb. She came up with a great plan to help our son and me! It only took a week and Mack was going to sleep alone and staying in his bed. Deb was not only so understanding about why I had gotten myself into this rut but she was positive and so concerned for not only the child but the mom. Thanks to Deb's simple routines, we have sleepers now!”

Kristin Seelert – Stay at home mom
New Canaan, CT

Mother of toddler

“My son Ty, was 6 months old I believe at the time when I emailed Deborah for help. The advice she gave me was wonderful. We worked on getting him napping better during the day and that has been the key. That and an early bedtime (around 7ish). His pediatrician's nurse suggested I keep him up longer to “wear him out”. Needless to say, that did the complete opposite! (We have since switched pediatricians also). I can always tell if he napped well during the day or not just by how he sleeps at night. Again, thank you for your advice, it really was helpful! You are appreciated....”


Non Sleeper Turned Great Sleeper

"Deb is the perfect resource that you can't possibly imagine exists - especially in your sleep-deprived state. But she does! Patient, wise, sympathetic, and fully knowledgeable about all things "sleep-related" - Deb is always reliable and ready to help from the first consultation to the 20th email. Her advice about our second child was great and turned a non-sleeper into a great sleeper. We are indebted!"

Mother of 2
New York City

Family of 5, All Healthy Sleepers

“Deborah has been not only our children’s “Sleep Angel” but ours as well. Her guidance and insights into children’s sleep issues as well as providing us with an action plan made our nights/days easier. She helped give our children and us both the sleep and tools we needed!”

Dave Trenck
Founders, Brand New Dad, Brand New Mom,
Norwalk, CT

Every Step of the Way…

“Deb has a fantastic ability to put you at ease and build your confidence when faced with sleep deprived children! This skill is not to be overlooked. Not only can she diagnose sleep issues, but she competently communicates a plan of action to get the entire family set on the right course. She has such a great personality, you feel like you are talking to family. My husband and I first called Deb regarding our 5 month old daughter after reading countless books and seeking advice from pediatricians - all with a different opinion! Deb set us on the right course and continued to make sure all was well through email. Our daughter is now almost 4 years old and we follow Deb's advice to this day. Our son was just born and we are beginning on the right foot by working with Deb to put him on a sleep plan that works best for our family. Thanks Deb!”

Cathy and Jeff
Lakeland, FL