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3 Months to 4 Months

As we fall into the third month and then into the fourth there is definitely a sign day sleep is maturing. We are comfortable about putting our baby down to sleep for naps because our sleep ritual is very well established. As we roll into the fourth month, from the efforts we have made to keep our baby well rested, a pattern of day sleep is starting to come together. Day sleep is organized when we see this pattern consistently. Note: for post-colic babies this pattern might emerge later than non post-colic babies, possibly at 6-8 months. Premature Babies: remember to use the estimated date of delivery to determine where your baby should be. For example, if your baby was born 1 month early then your child at 4 months would fall at 3 months in sleep organization.

Day Sleep:

At three months we are still watching the clock making sure that we get our baby sleeping before she becomes overtired, usually after about 45 minutes. We could expect about 4 naps a day. Now, as we move into the fourth month we notice that the naps from three months of age are becoming a little bit longer and that there are blocks of time around the clock where sleep happens regularly. You might find these naps occurring at around 9am, 12pm, 3pm. You might try to let your baby sleep for at least one hour for these naps without assistance if your baby wakes pre-maturely from a nap. This allows for your baby to fall back asleep unassisted and creates longer napping.

Night Sleep:

If your baby has created a schedule of naptimes around the clock, bedtime could occur anywhere from 6-8pm depending on the schedule and how the naps were for any particular day. You have established a fairly regular bedtime and your baby might have 2-4 feedings a night.

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