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December 2, 2010 Broadcast

Guests: Deb Pedrick, Founder of for children and TS Wiley, author of Lights Out!

Topics Covered Healthy sleep habits for children; Consistent sleeping place; Soothing bedtime routine; Timing of sleep; Biological sleep rhythms; Ages and stages of sleep; Evolution and birth; Day and night confusion; Why babies should go to sleep awake; 9-plus hours of sleep per night for adults; Best season for reproduction; Carbohydrates for girls; Proteins for boys; Ovulation

Deborah Pedrick interviewed about daylight savings time
on ct news 12, October 31st 2009

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Devon Lash reporter for the Stamford Advocate interviews Deborah Pedrick about the ending of Daylight saving, Nov.1, 2009. Click here to view article

New York Family
October 2008 - listed in the well noted "buzzworthy" section

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TimeOutNY Kids
Featured in the article "Babies First Year" Time Out New York Kids / Issue 39 : Jan 1–31, /2009, as a resource for parents, catagory sleep consultants.

Women of Wellness Network

January 2011: is now an official member and group practitioner of the amazing Fairfield County women's heath group respectively known as WOW (Women of Wellness), we are so thrilled to be part of this group. Please check out site as the group offers a wonderful group of women practitioners specializing in a multitude of women's health related issues. It's one of a kind! joins as their Child Sleep Expert.

Parent's Magazine
September 2008 - quoted in article titled "Nap Quest", authored by Leslie Garisto-Plaff
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Guest speakers on children's sleep issues. Check it out to see where we will be next!"

Crib Notes
Contributing writer to their monthly newsletter. - Check out their web site

Mom's Gone Mad Show
Guest on the November 2005 show topic: "Sleep Issues In Children"

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