Here, we believe that healthy sleep is a birthright
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Facts About Sleep

  1. The sleeping brain is not a resting brain
  2. The sleeping brain functions in a different manner from the waking brain
  3. The activity and work of the sleeping brain are purposeful
  4. The process of falling asleep is learned
  5. Providing the growing brain with sufficient sleep is necessary for developing the ability to concentrate and an easier temperament

-Dr. Marc Weissbluth's insights

How do we go about fulfilling our children's need for healthy sleep:

  • Relax... work with your child's need for sleep, be confident, when you lay your child down to sleep at all times you are doing it because your child is asking you to do it.
  • Treat sleep as you would food. You wouldn't deprive your child of food or make your child wait to eat if she's hungry.
  • Respect your child's need for sleep and try to work daily routines and rituals around that need. Children's sleep needs are different from that of adult's

Many parent's I work with initially lack confidence in their parenting abilities. I think due to all the media and press covering parenting issues parents have somewhat lost their ability to look at the obvious and trust their own instincts.

With that said, use this resource as a guide to get you thinking about your personal situation. Use this site as an educational tool in solving your child's sleeping challenges. Once you understand how sleep works, those natural or basic instincts will surface.