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Deborah Pedrick -Founder

For over a decade, Deborah Pedrick, founder of has been educating families on how to create and maintain a healthy foundation for sleep in their children. Deborah began her journey back in 1997 after her son was born. She was at a great advantage in that her son’s pediatrician was renowned children's sleep expert, Marc Weissbluth, author of Healthy Sleep habits Happy Child. Having that foundation of knowledge from the very beginning was critical to maintaining healthy sleep habits throughout her son’s life.

Over many years she has educated 1,000’s of families on the importance of meeting and maintaining healthy sleep habits in their children. In 2001, Deborah gathered and organized all of her knowledge into as easy to follow resource, is one of the very first children’s sleep site which was specifically geared towards children’s sleep issues. Today, Deborah’s son is a teenager and , yes, a rock star sleeper. She has a private practice in Stamford, Connecticut where she meets with parents one-on-one, over the phone and through email consults. She has been quoted and interviewed in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Parents Magazine, NY Family Magazine, and other parenting publications as well as local newspapers, is referred out by many pediatric offices in and around Connecticut and’s resident sleep expert. 

Her latest projects?, co-founding the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants. The association's vision is to bring together sleep consultants from around the world who share a solid foundation of knowledge, ethics and experiences. (  Deborah has also formed the  Family Sleep Institute to offer a Child Sleep Consultant Certification program and educational classes which aimed to set the highest standards and practices in this profession.

Please feel free to contact Deborah directly if you would like to know more about how she can help you and your family get a better nights sleep or if you have interest in The Family Sleep Institute's Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program.  Please call: 203-559-4674.


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